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Marbella’s status as one of the top luxury international destinations, not just in the Mediterranean but around the world, is a well-established fact by now. Since the beauty of this stretch of Southern Spanish coastline was first ‘discovered’ in the 1950s, the resort town that grew out of a little fishing and agricultural village has gone on to become a leading high-end tourist destination for discerning travellers and homeowners.

By the 1960s the Marbella Club – a then small enclave of luxury and refinement on what is today’s famous Golden Mile – attracted members of the aristocracy as well as international stars and business tycoons. The opening of the exclusive marina at Puerto Banús heralded in further expansion in the 1970s, when new golf clubs formed the basis around which luxury suburbs developed. High net worth people from the Middle East joined those from Europe and North America, adding to a growing cosmopolitan appeal that characterises Marbella today.

Marbella’s cosmopolitan luxury

This process has continued ever since, and today Marbella is a modern resort town that blends Spanish-Andalusian culture with that of people from across Scandinavia, the British Isles, the Benelux, French and German-speaking countries, Italy, Eastern Europe, Russia, Morocco, Lebanon and the Gulf States. Visitors, investors and residents from each of these regions and countries have fallen in love with the unique quality of life that Marbella offers, and in turn have contributed international know-how and vibrancy to this privileged corner of Europe.

Safe, secure and beautiful, surrounded as it is by mountain ranges, valleys, beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, this is a region of panoramic vistas that also take in North Africa and Gibraltar, at the point where two continents and seas meet. The many different nationalities that own properties and live in Marbella year-round have created a lively social scene, added many cuisines to the local one and influenced the spread of professional services in the region—as well as providing an important dynamo for Marbella’s tourism and property sectors.

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Marbella at present

Today, even when many thought the Covid-19 situation would create serious problems for the local economy, Marbella continues to welcome discerning international visitors and homebuyers. The latter have been particularly active since May this year, with people from many different regions enquiring about property for sale in Marbella, viewing homes and producing a high level of activity and transactions. Though this is largely driven by lifestyle considerations, now is indeed a good time to buy a home in Marbella, as prices have stabilised and may in some areas even drop a little between now and the beginning of next year, when the overall economy is expected to return to growth.

We have a great deal of experience as property agents and bespoke developers in the local real estate market, so please contact our team for more detailed, one-to-one information about the Marbella property market, price trends and unique way of life.

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